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At Hello You we want each visit to be personal and unique, we want our customers to feel like guests and friends, to become ‘Nuestra Familia’. “Hello you” is a more personal and endearing way of greeting someone in the UK and after having spent many years in London, we wanted to bring a little piece back to Paris with us! We also adapt our products to your desires, Healthy? Gourmet? Protein? Say no more, we've got YOU covered.



We pride ourselves in putting the wellbeing of our guests first and offering them the best experience! Cherubs and angels are our mascots as we share the same goal - we too want to look after the welfare of humankind, well, at least of Parisians! 


With the current situation, we are paying much more attention to our health and have come to realize the importance of nutrition and where we go. We have made it our missions to offer gourmet take-away food prepared from quality nutritious and organic ingredients sourced from local partners. At Hello You we create food that will make our guests feel like the best version of themselves.

At Hello You:

1. We consider our customers as our guests, our friends, NUESTRA FAMILIA.

2. We invest in our employees by offering them tailor-made training so that they can then become our leaders and store managers of tomorrow!

3. We offer fresh, local and organic products at a more than affordable cost!


 Integrity & Honesty 

Loyalty, honesty, commitment, good humor  are the components of our integrity.


Humility is a great way to be happy because it REMINDS us to appreciaTE the simple and basic things OF LIFE, FAMILY, FRIENDS, LOVE. 


Live together with shared feelings of respect, consideration, appreciation, benevolence, empathy  between human beings.


For David Lefrançois, “joy is essential to life”, and even, it is “the solution to all our problems” because when we decide to put joy in our life, this can only lead us to a better life. It's about taking action and deciding, yes, deciding to put joy at the heart of your life. Joy is therefore a choice and to find it you have to look for it not outside but inside yourself.


At Hello You we take care of our employees. 


We invest in our employees by offering them tailor-made training so that they can then become our leaders and store managers / franchisees of tomorrow! Hello You wishes to become a benchmark in “Healthy fast food” not only for its product quality, but also for the unique experience it provides to its customers. This vision would not be possible without our staff. We attach great importance to the training and development of our employees. 

 An employee is as important as a customer, because it is he / she who will be the major player in the success or otherwise of our philosophy, new in fast food restaurants.


Our employees of today are our leaders of tomorrow. Hello You therefore hopes to have several restaurant sites but also certified training schools for Leaders and Managers.

If you want to be part of the team, contact us! Send us your CV or come visit us. WE WILL BE DELIGHTED TO OFFER YOU A GOOD COFFEE!


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